Myths about entrepreneurs

  1. Risk-taking

A common myth is that people believe entrepreneurs love taking risks and that is far from the truth than anything else. Entrepreneurs don’t take any more risks than a normal businessman would because he or she knows that a high-risk can either be a great idea or one that could cost them a lot as a result.

At the end of the day being an entrepreneur is someone who wants to take a challenge and influence the growth and financial capability of that challenge. You can be an entirely cautious person and still be an entrepreneur. The other fascinating aspect is that entrepreneurs understand that they don’t have the backing of corporate vaults to sustain them or see them ride a loss. So a good entrepreneur would assess all the possible outcomes before taking a risk. There is no point going down a road unless you are ready for the challenges that may arise as a result of your decision. The key is to know which business deals to take and which ones to avoid and that can only be learnt through experience. So entrepreneurs would end up playing it safe for a considerable amount of time, just like their traditional counterparts.

  1. University Entrepreneurship

university entrepreneurship

There is this outlandish myth that entrepreneurship is an art and that not everyone can become like Picasso. Some people take it up a notch and say that entrepreneurs are born and not made. All that is just a horde of bullshit. Entrepreneurship is something that you can learn and change about yourself to stand apart in a crowd that says that entrepreneurship is a silver spoon that one is born with. If anything, it is quite the opposite of what these people believe; entrepreneurs need a substantial amount of experience in the field of business, innovation and idea generation to take things forward. But the fact of the matter is that people associate one-time wonders who made it big with one day to the broad spectrum of entrepreneurs. We as a society need to understand that entrepreneurship is something that we see every day; it is the ability to create impact, take up a challenge, influence growth and find a solution that no one knew existed. And who are we to say that an experienced individual who studied the nuances of business, innovation and entrepreneurial skills cannot achieve those very things.

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